Board of Advisors

Library, University, and Educational Board

At Large Advisory Board                                   

  • Pablo Barrena
    Salamanca Library, Spain
  • Pam Berger
  • Sharon Coatney
  • Jacquelyn Crook
    Chicago Public Schools
  • Jane Gilchrist
    Library of Congress
  • LynNell Hancock
    Columbia School of Journalism
  • Lynne Jackett
    National Library of New Zealand
  • Kiang-Koh Lai Lin
    National Library Board, Singapore
  • Hiroaki Kitamura
  • Ana Maria Machado
    Author, Brazil
  • Olga Maeots
    Library for Foreign Literature, Russia
  • Pattie Maes
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Jack Martin
  • Marvin Minsky
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Mike Lesk
    Rutgers University
  • Lino Nelisi
    Author, New Zealand
  • Seymour Papert
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
  • Genevieve Patte
  • Ian Randle
    Ian Randle Publishers, Jamaica
  • Kaisu Rättyä
    University of Helsinki, Finland
    University of Eastern Finland, Finland
  • Susan Roman
    Dominican University
  • Loriene Roy
    President, American Library Association University of Texas
  • Hiroshi Sakamoto
    International Library of Children's Literature, Japan
  • Maria Salvadore
  • Barbara Scharioth
    Board of Directors, International Youth Library, Germany
  • Ben Shneiderman
    University of Maryland  
  • Jadranka Slobodanac
    National and University Library, Croatia
  • Ivanka Stricevic
    Medvescak Library, Croatia
  • Winston Tabb
    Johns Hopkins University
  • Igor Torlin
    State Library of Ukraine for Children  
  • Junko Yokota
    National-Louis University
  • Marcia Allar
  • Walter Bender
    One Laptop Per Child Foundation
  • Stewart Brand
    The Long Now Foundation
  • Hilary Browne Hutchinson
    Google Inc. Human Interface Group
  • Danny Hillis
    Applied Minds, Inc.
  • Margaret Johnson
    Microsoft Corporation
  • Brewster Kahle
    Internet Archive
  • Alan Kay
    Viewpoints Research Institute
  • Mitzi Perdue
    National Commission on Libraries and Information Science
  • Kim Rose