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Title: Four eyes
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Language: English
Type: Fiction
Genre: Action Adventure
Created by:
  • Margaret H. L. Lim (Author)
  • Su Jen Buchheim (Illustrator)
Abstract: Payah is broken-hearted. Her playmates, Sammy, the baby Orang Utan, and Kenyi, the Hornbill, have left to learn the ways of the wild in a place far far away from Payah's rainforest home ... A diversion occurs that makes Payah forget her heartache. Night after night, fruits from her great aunt's garden mysteriously disappear. Is there a thief among the inhabitants of Payah's longhouse, or are the spirits teasing Uku Nyalo? Payah sets out to investigate, and finds that she has taken on more than she can chew.

Publisher: Fairy Bird Children's Books
Published: 2006
Published in: Malaysia
ISBN: 983-42638-1-3
Contributed by: Fairy Bird Children's Books

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