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Title: Ascension
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Language: Persian / Farsi
Type: Fiction
Created by:
  • فريده خلعت‌بري (Author)
  • علي نامور (Illustrator)
Abstract: A kind-hearted dragon was living by the sea with the fish. They played all the days and dreamed about their games at nights. A little boy came to the beach. The dragon went to him and poured out flowers from his mouth instead of fire. They became friends and played with the fish together. Gradually the boy grew big and bigger and seldom came to the beach. One day the boy went and didn’t come back. The dragon and the fish always remembered him and dreamed of him. One day the dragon saw the boy by the beach, but he was fishing. Shocked by his brutality the dragon blamed him. The boy claimed that he had grown up to realize that they were delicious. The dragon left him to go to a place where the children never grow up. When a boy is young, he plays with a dragon and some fish but when he grows up he starts fishing and eating fish. The dragon decides to find a place where children never grow up.

Publisher: Shabaviz Publishing Company
Published: 1390
Published in: Iran
ISBN: 978-964-505-302-2
Contributed by: Shabaviz Publishing Company

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