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Title: The birds who flew beyond time
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Language: English
Type: Fiction
Genre: Folk and Fairy Tales
Created by:
  • Anne Baring (Author)
  • Thetis Blacker (Illustrator)
Abstract: The story begins: 'One day, the Earth was feeling very sad. She sent a message to her birds all over the world and said to them: "I need your help. Please will you gather together in one place so that I can speak to you?"' So starts the adventure of the birds who flew beyond time. Birds of all kinds, from every region of the world, respond to the Earth's call. She tells them that she is dying - her land and rivers and oceans are being poisoned and her beautiful planet is ravaged by war. Can the birds help her? If they are to do so, they must set out on a special journey. They must fly through seven terrible valleys, overcoming the monsters that live in each valley, until they find the Great Being who is the life of all life. Then they must bring back to Earth the message they are given. Full of fear but encouraged by their guide, the Hoopoe, the birds set out on a journey that is ours as well as theirs - a journey that transforms the destructive elements of the soul and frees it to act on behalf of life.

Publisher: Barefoot Books Ltd.
Published: 1993
Published in: United Kingdom
ISBN: 1-898000-00-X
Contributed by: Anne Baring

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