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Title: The young visiters
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Language: English
Created by:
  • Daisy Ashford (Author)
Abstract: Ashford wrote this book when she was nine years old although it didn't become printed until twenty years later. This novel is a completely innocent yet inadvertently amusing spoof of Victorian society. The author writes of 42-year-old Alfred Salteena, who, born on the wrong side of the blanket, wishes to become a gentleman. The suave and well-connected earl of Clincham imparts to his apt pupil (without irony and with telling accuracy) the essence of becoming one of the upper class: have plenty of money, keep your unsavory past hidden, wear the right clothing and, above all, know how to hunt, shoot and ride. Armed with this knowledge, Salteena is instantly transformed into Lory Hyssops and gets a job with the royal family. J. M. Barrie wrote the preface to this book.

Publisher: Chatto & Windus
Published: 1919
Published in: United Kingdom
Contributed by: Boston Public Library

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