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Title: Elfred
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Language: English
Created by:
  • Jacob Abbott (Author)
Abstract: Elfred is blinded when he is struck in the head with an arrow shot by an older playmate. Although his mother had thought Elfred would be destitute and helpless all his life, the boy's cheerful industry soon convinces her otherwise. He learns to "see" by feeling things. One of his friends is a little girl, Josie, who brings him his first picture despite her parents' warning that it will make him feel his blindness and helplessness more. Instead, the pictures provide him even more contact with other children who enjoy hearing Elfred's stories about them. Elfred's closest friend is Park, a deaf and dumb boy. They manage to communicate by gestures, frequently using Josie as interpreter. Elfred and Park cooperate to build a Martin house which Park enjoys by watching the birds while Elfred listens to their singing.

Publisher: Harper & Brothers
Published: [n.d.]
Published in: United States
Contributed by: Boston Public Library

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